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To Launch a Great Company, Keep Great Company

May 23, 2016

Northern Fir Beard Oil Party Austin

We are in prime startup mode here at Northern Fir Beard Co. and that means lots of activity and change. And we’re really noticing that in order to weather the ups and downs it’s important to not only have a strong core team in place, but also to invite in lots of other people. 

It sounds like a fairly obvious idea – people bring energy, ideas, and talent to the table, and including more people adds a wider variety of contributions and perspectives. And for a growing startup, the ability to learn about - and integrate with - what people actually think about, talk about, and want is crucial.

But faced with the promise of a new company things could easily get capitalistic, creating a power-grab for titles, roles, and the money that doesn't exist yet. The tendency from this perspective would be to isolate and reduce the core team, to keep other people outside.

Fortunately for Northern Fir, we noticed early on that including more people, in any capacity, is a huge benefit to the company and to everyone involved. More people means more creative, productive, and supportive capacity. The added perspective allows the company to stay fresh on what people like and want, and the increased energy helps sustain the business and its team. Even if particular individuals aren't playing a direct role in business operations, absorbing their personalities and vibrancy into the business can fuel forward movement.

In the words of our founder, Trevor, “the incredible momentum this company has gained so early on is a direct manifestation of the energy coming from the people around it.”

So how can a startup get people involved when it doesn’t have the financial capacity or workload to support additional employees? The answer is simple: invite people around you, and involve them in the fun stuff like parties, content generation, and social media.

This point was underscored last week during our first Northern Fir promo event and photo shoot. The event came at the tail end of several months of detailed, often tedious, and seemingly never-ending hard work. By the time the evening of the photo shoot rolled around, the few “core” Northern Fir team members were just tired.

But this event brought new faces, and once people got together something transformative happened. It was a fresh space — a creative space — and that meant major electricity. People started laughing, trading ideas, and building upon each other’s energy. Creativity and inspiration flowed. And it was totally invigorating for everyone involved, original crew and new faces alike.

That evening, the Northern Fir team expanded in more ways than one, and the entire team left with a renewed vitality. The added energy and inspiration carried us through our first major push for production (which, before that point, had seemed a bit insurmountable).

And better yet, it was also energizing for the all the new people who got involved

We want even more of you to share in on this energy and inspiration, so we’re inviting you to a launch party on June 1 at Handlebar Austin. Join us to feel enlivened and to contribute to the momentum of our Austin startup.

We mean it when we say we want you there, and we’re committed to making this an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends. We’ll be graced by the musical genius of Young Tongue, and we’ve teamed up with Tito’s and Lonestar to bring you drink specials and free swag. Of course, we’ll have beard trims from our resident barber to keep you looking handsome. You can also get involved behind the scenes at an Austin startup - chat with our founder about what it’s like going all in on a new company, see what it was like to develop the beard oil's scent, or get in on a photo or video shoot. Or, just hang out and soak up the great energy — your presence will add life and inspiration to the party. RSVP Here


Wednesday, June 1
7:00-11:00 PM

Handlebar Austin
Live music by Young Tongue
Sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Lonestar

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